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A mirror rating comm for Shounen series!

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An mirror rating community for all shounen animanga series!
Welcome to Shounen Mirror, an mirror stamping community dedicated to any shounen animanga series ~! Want to know which character in any shounen series you resemble the most? You have come to the right place ~! ♥ This community has no regular application, but just tons of themes for everyone to apply and enjoy. Just join, fill out the applications, follow the rules, and have fun ~! :3

+ Please vote on all applications before posting your application! You can continue to cast your votes for others even if you are not stamped yet. This keeps the comm active & running ~! (:
+ No flamming, insulting on other people.
+ Please post clear pictures of yourself !
+ Bold your votes, and you may vote up to 2 characters. If you want to change your vote, just comment again. (:
+ Please tag your application as !unstamped, and you can have only one unstamped application at a time.
+ You will be stamped after receiving four similiar votes, after receiving 10 vote without reaching 4 similar votes, or one week later after your application has been posted.
+ Don't like your result? Just restamp anytime you want. Or you can just restamp to get the opposite gender. :3
+ Have fun ~! ♥

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